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  • Stop paying for Google Translate

    I've said it before. The translations are horrible after you started paying a company to translate strings. Seriously it looks like everything has been put Google Translate and is so poorly transla...

  • Message Hiding

    С ответом

    An action for the message actions menu (where stuff like mark unread is found) that allows you to hide a message like when sender user is blocked but without blocking them.

  • DM Group Invitations

    It is annoying that you can just be added to a group without having to confirm. I think there should be a Privacy & Safety option for it. I am not 100 % sure how it should work. I guess you get the...

  • Default Open Up Server

    Allow the individual user to set a server as their default for when they open up Discord. So when they open Discord then the default server will open.

  • Overlay Group DM Member List|It would be nice if you could also see the member list of group dms in the overlay

  • Mobile Group DM Member List

    It would be nice if you could see the member list of group dms in the mobile app

  • GIF Size Change

    Heyo, I wonder if it would be possible to allow users to control the size of the GIFs they send in chat. So you can send smaller GIFs instead of GIFs filling out half of the chat screen xD It could...