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  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals создал публикацию

    Starring DMs (preventing DMs from being deleted)

     I would like to suggest a feature to stop old DMs from being deleted – maybe the ability to place a star/important label on certain conversations so they can't fall off of the DM wall and into obl...

  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals создал публикацию

    More Issues With Mobile UI - VC Edition

    So I've already expressed my opinions on the new mobile UI (I hate it with a passion), but the longer I try to use the mobile app the more nonsensical the update feels, and the less user-friendly i...

  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals создал публикацию

    Changes to the Mobile UI

    I am literally considering uninstalling Discord from my phone entirely and being done with it. All the the recent changes made to the user interface and layout have been horrendous - they've taken ...

  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals создал публикацию

    Regarding New UI Updates

    I've been using Discord for over a year now, primarily on mobile, and I've watched all the small (and suddenly very big as of recently) changes build up over time. My request is to please, please f...

  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals прокомментировал

    I came here to leave the same feedback – the change to the actives screen is honestly terrible. They added pins, notifications and settings to the top of the actives tab even though those settings ...

  • Пользователь MagicalMythicals прокомментировал

    I recently ran into the same issue. I refused to change my discord username for so long, and then I did it as a joke for an hour and when I changed back my discord tag, which had been "3869" since ...