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  • Пользователь dustii прокомментировал

    We need this function. Whether it’s compressing the archived channels/chats/categories into zips, (which could cross function as moving channels with chats into other servers-! For backing up and s...

  • Пользователь dustii создал публикацию

    Tags/Labels for/instead of Cosmetic Roles

    My suggestion is to bring the use of purely cosmetic roles and turn them into a tagging/labelling system, that would go on top of your permissible roles, and have a collapse/view toggle. These labe...

  • Пользователь dustii прокомментировал

    This feature is a must have! For example, revamping servers to run cleaner etc... you can remove roles from everyone or select people at once, add roles, you can select multiple channels to move th...

  • Пользователь dustii создал публикацию

    Server Channel Listing

    I have found that by typing # and waiting, that the current server’s channels can be listed. Unfortunately, only a few channels show up unless you start typing letters. (And even those do not show ...