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  • Пользователь greengo123 создал публикацию

    Whenever I try to share a video in a text channel, the whole app crashes

    Whenever I try to share a meme onto a channel of a server, it seems like it'll work for a second, and then promptly crashes. I tried multiple times, forcing the app to close, and even clearing the ...

  • Пользователь greengo123 создал публикацию

    Discord Android on larger screens

    It would be nice if the Discord Android app on larger displays (Tablets, Chromebooks, Samsung Dex) looked the same as on the iPadOS app.

  • Пользователь greengo123 прокомментировал

    That doesn't appear on desktop, but thanks for contributing.

  • Пользователь greengo123 создал публикацию

    Go To Bottom button on desktop

    It would be nice if I could simply press a button go straight to the bottom on desktop Discord. (it does exist on mobile, but not on desktop.)

  • Пользователь greengo123 создал публикацию

    A version of Discord designed for public computer use

    It would be nice if there was a version of Discord for public computers (internet cafes, public libraries, etc) that signs out the user at the end of a session.

  • Пользователь greengo123 создал публикацию

    Ability to share to Discord from the Windows 10 Share UI

    It would be nice to be able to share content (pictures, videos, links, etc.) to Discord through the Windows 10 Share UI similar to mobile.