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  • Пользователь Hiroyuki создал публикацию

    Reserved Channel limits

    Can we see a future way for server owners to make a way for Moderators without voice management permissions to Join a full VC with slots reserved for their role only?

  • Пользователь Hiroyuki создал публикацию

    Discord DND new options

    I want Discord to add a way for users to have the option on Do Not Disturb to activate dms with friends added or not, and a way to select specific users that cannot dm you on Do Not Disturb. This i...

  • Пользователь Hiroyuki прокомментировал

    xSavgs, I meant not for your server. I mean for yourself. Discord should make it so it tracks your time used on discord all together, maybe which servers you spent the most time in, etc.

  • Пользователь Hiroyuki создал публикацию

    A way to track hours

    Can we please get a way to track how much lifetime hours we've used Discord, It'd be a funny way to flex on your friends but also look like a total nolife. It'd have to update every second your usi...

  • Пользователь Hiroyuki создал публикацию

    New Discord Badge

    Is there a possible way we could get a new badge for people who help Discord out by submitting reports. Like a certain amount of reports that are actually reviewed and accepted. Let's say like 30-5...

  • Пользователь Hiroyuki создал публикацию

    Pin Discord Servers

    Be able to right click a Discord server and Pin it. You will be able to get notifications from that server only. So if your on Do not disturb you can still get pinged if its an important server. I ...