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  • Пользователь IzTom создал публикацию

    Bot Feature: Text Boxes

    With the introduction of the bot buttons, drop down lists and action rows, it would be awesome for discord to create text boxes as another bot feature. I'm getting close to finishing my discord bot...

  • Пользователь IzTom создал публикацию

    New Pinning Feature

    I am suggesting a new way to pin messages, calling it something such as Lock Message. Now, this feature wouldn't replace the old pin, but instead it would be an option when pinning messages that yo...

  • Пользователь IzTom создал публикацию

    Assign Roles

    This was discussed a while back.   I've never liked the "Manage Roles" permission, and we can all agree that they need to be split into "Manage Roles" and "Assign Roles", I have had servers ruined ...