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    Onboarding has bad UX (Lots of detail in this post)

    Every time I join a server with onboarding, particularly if I already know what I want to do in that community (such as a support server), I hate when the onboarding window pops up and takes up the...

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    Not only is the above wildly incorrect, karltoo, but it looks like it was generated by chatgpt.

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    donovan_dmc I know that, but still, asking users to ping the bot would be very inconvenient. Additionally, my command is often done in a public channel where users might not want to have an image p...

  • Пользователь OIRNOIR создал публикацию

    File Upload Component

    There should be a component within either messages or modals that allows users to upload files directly to a bot in the form of an interaction. The file option for slash commands is a great start, ...