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  • Пользователь Jinan создал публикацию

    Discord Should Display Individual User Boost Count!

    Hola~ Presently, Discord offers no details indicating how many times a Booster has boosted, nor does it convey which user has revoked or stopped boosting. The current system is inconvenient for ser...

  • Пользователь Jinan создал публикацию

    The Ability to Change Emoji Skin Tones on Discord Mobile: Please!

    Hola~ I realise, this may be an existing recommendation, and I'm well aware of workarounds (simply using local phone/tablet keyboard emojis) and the fact that implementing this in an update may not...

  • Пользователь Jinan создал публикацию

    "Manage Roles" and "Assign Roles": Separate Perms!

    Hola~ I'm certain, many Discord-users run into the issue of having to sacrifice between granting their servers' moderation team members the "Manage Roles" permission or not giving them this permiss...