Fix mentions not pinging all users with that role in large servers


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  • JoBo Gamer

    Are you on the latest version of the discord client and are you sure you don't have the server muted?


  • الظاوي_66

    I don't know much I try with what I came to improve as much as I can there is a reservation also is the language I don't know how to read so I learn and work alone

  • xELiTeSHaRKx

    JoBo Gamer Yes, the latest client is being used - it also occurs across multiple different versions of Discord and on multiple different operating systems. The mentions which are supposed to ping several thousand members fail to ping the vast majority of people including those who have explicitly said they haven't muted the server or supressed pings as I mentioned in my original post. 

  • Kathy Oliver

    To fix the issue of mentions not pinging all users with a specific role in a large server, several potential solutions can be tried:

    1. Check the server's settings: Make sure that the role is set to be mentionable and that the notification settings for the role are set to "ping."

    2. Check user settings: Ensure that the notification settings for the individual users are set to receive pings for the specific role.

    3. Increase the rate limit for pings: Some servers have a rate limit for how often a role can be pinged. Increasing this limit may help ensure that all users are pinged.

    4. Check for any broken roles: If certain roles are not functioning properly, they may need to be recreated in order to fix the issue.

    5. Check for any bots or third-party apps that may be causing the issue: Some bots or third-party apps have the ability to suppress pings, so disabling them or removing them from the server may fix the issue.

    It's important to note that large servers can have complex settings and variables, so it's possible that the solution may vary depending on the specific server. It's recommended to reach out to the server's administrator or support team if the issue persists.

  • Dale

    I have the same issue as I moderate for a company who have over 267k members and the moderator role ping doesn’t often notify me, along with other role pings tbh when the company announce stuff. But it’s also happened today in a server with 5k people, the same thing with the mod role. My notification settings aren’t suppressing role mentions.


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