Discord nitro payment customisation


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  • Jenniferlhollick

    I think it's ridiculous we pay monthly for Nitro services that states plus so many boosts but you can only use it once . You keep paying monthly but you don't get new boosts monthly with that. If you want more boosts then you're expected to pay more monthly for that as well. I have paid before for both for month and never again after first payment for those did I get boosts available again the next month and I spend $65 a month. Then once people cancel thier subscriptions we who pay for Nitro can't re boost the server but we lose all the boosts they did due to financial reasons they couldn't afford it anymore. So then someone like me is expected to pay again $65 to be able to re boost the server to gain those back .. if those boosts where paid for in the previous month they should stay not be lost because of financial reasons that someone maybe going through since they did at that time pay for those services you happily take our money .. we get the service but then lose everything of we don't continue paying. You want us to keep paying then maybe if I pay $12.99 a month for Nitro and two boosts I should get those two boosts every month I continue my subscription just saying. Otherwise it's not worth it to me and I can't justify paying these amounts every month when I don't get boosts every month I pay.

  • Jessica Wade

    It's great to see that you have a clear idea of what features you would like to have access to in a subscription service like Discord Nitro. The ability to hand-pick certain benefits, instead of having to purchase everything in bulk, can provide a more personalized and cost-effective experience for users. Here are a few benefits of offering such a feature:

    Customization: Allowing users to select only the features they want can provide a more customized experience, as they only pay for the features they actually use.

    Affordability: By being able to select only the features they want, users can avoid paying for features they don't need, making the subscription more affordable.

    User Satisfaction: Allowing users to select the features they want can increase user satisfaction, as they are only paying for what they actually use and need.

    Increased Revenue: By offering a more flexible subscription model, users may be more willing to subscribe and pay for the service, leading to an increase in revenue for Discord.

    Offering the ability for users to hand-pick certain Nitro benefits can provide a more personalized, cost-effective, and satisfying experience for users. Discord may consider incorporating this feature to better serve their users and increase customer satisfaction.
    Here is a helpful guide about payment gatewys.


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