$734 for a vanity URL is bs.


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  • alex72

    1 boost w/ nitro is $3.49/mo * 21 = $73.29/mo. However, you only need 14 boosts to get tier 3 boost, which unlocks vanity links as well. that's 14*$3.49, which is $48.86/mo. addtionally, if you have nitro, you can just put 2 boosts directly into the server tiering.

    you can read more about server boost tiers here

    you can read more about server boost pricing and math here

  • Surfd4wg

    $48.86/mo is $586.32/year.  Total ripoff for a vanity URL. 

  • electromage

    Do you have to register the domain too, or is that included?

  • xSehrMotiviert


    The vanity URL is like discord.gg/minecraft for example instead of discord.gg/31bhgSUZ

    (I randomly typed the 31bhgSUZ on my keyboard. It's not a link that I copied somewhere. If it works, then it works. If not, then it's still ok, because it's just an example)


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