Your account has been disable


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  • fakeluciferk

    Try contacting discord staff, that all i can tell you as im not staff, but give me a follow if you ever need more help!

  • Felix

    I tried the appeal thing

  • fakeluciferk

    Try one more time, see if they answer if it’s the same thing , unfortunately i don’t know after that, but drop me a follow if you ever need more help

  • pepsiplayzz

    If you created an appeal at and it was denied, then your account is likely gone forever.

    Discord accepts a tiny amount of appeals, it's stupid low:

    Your best bet is to create a new account.

  • xSehrMotiviert


    Creating a new account will be against the ToS.

  • Discord minha conta foi desativada sem motivo

  • Clickp899

    So I was just helping my friends with the discord server and for some reason I got disabled I don't know what happened but I really want to get my account back please.


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