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  • Big P

    As you just did right there if you don't put a space it's fine

  • shred

    I'd rather guess that they had to cancel formatting with backslash and that indeed does it, but still..

    It could at least be considered to be made into somewhat of a locale option, since there could be multiple languages using that kind of punctuation (most likely around the same language family).

  • Caflura

    I have the same issue as a native Polish speaker. I am DMing few campaigns over Discord and the dialogues became unreadable after the update to include bulleted lists by putting a dash at the beginning of the paragraph.
    In the US they write dialogues in quotation marks, and as far as I know, at least in the Slavic countries they write them with dashes.
    Polish correct dialogue format:
    - And then, - she said eagerly. - we could be home on time!
    - Are you sure?
    She didn't hesitate.
    - A hundred percent!

    ...and now the formatting puts this in a list.

    As I really wouldn't mind putting the "\" before "-" in new messages, the issue is with historical messages. I have 4 years worth of writing and the update destroyed retroactively the formatting in all of them. They are unreadable now as a dialogue. It could be a good idea to leave the dash out of the formatting, since it and italics would be the only text formatting options that have two ways of applying them to text. No-one really needs two. If they need bulleted lists, they will use just the "*", and/or you could add the bulleted list as a clickable button in the floating text bar.

    The option suggested by my forespeaker is also good to turn off the dash formatting for just certain languages that use this dialogue writing style.


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