[DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System


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  • Koyyle

    This change is obscene. I hate having to find a unique username on every social media I use. I'm just going to cancel my nitro if my username gets taken before I have a chance to claim it. Discord has taken a turn for the worse. There's better alternatives at this point.

  • LORD

    One of the only reasons I pay for Nitro at all is for the customised denominator. I've been on this platform for years and never seen a single issue or complaint arise from the way names are currently handled. This change would be enough to get me to cancel my subscription.

  • Cogito Ergo Sum

    The reason I like discord usernames over skype is because it's near impossible for randos and spam bots to randomly add you and send you spam. With a less unique username people could just search any string of popular and common usernames and be able to DM and spam whoever the fuck they wanted which is extremely dangerous.

    Not only that but jesus fuck man, all of us want our usernames and don't want to have to do thi_sis.myus.3rnam3 in order to actually use it. My username is a popular philosophical phrase, its taken on 90% of platforms I use and discord is the one place I can actually use it in its proper form. OCD makes it hard for me to handle putting random numbers or underscores in it too. So this update is extremely rancid and does not have the users in mind.

  • ShadowByte

    Please DO NOT do this. 

    In my opinion Discord always had the best username system for a chat platform. Why throw that all away for flawed and inferior mainstream nonsense that people are literally tired of?

  • TheDevMinerTV


    This could cause impersonation and breaks a whole load of applications written for Discord.

    If the Discord team really wanted this, they should've done this wayyyy earlier (2015-2016). Now is too late.


    Stop it, Discord.

  • Some rando


    This is trash and breaks a whole lot of applications relying on this. Oh god, and account selling is going to be an issue. You already have an issue with people selling accounts with the different tags, why add another issue.


    Stop it, Discord.

  • anathema3668

    What I wanna know is why Discord chose to do this absent any solicited feedback from the user base.
    Why was feedback not solicited from the Discord Admins community on this change?

    Do they not have ANY idea the far-reaching impact and implications of forcing mass username changes across the entirety of their userbase?

  • werebear

    +1, and what this post said. This change is just begging for impersonators, name-scalpers, and scammers to run even more rampant

  • Sylena


    I hate this idea, it's stupid and horrible. If names being taken are a problem with the #0000, then add another digit!? It's not that hard. Gez. I never use the #0000 when pinging someone.

  • S I X

    the discrims are the only reason I have nitro lol. absolutely awful change but hey, if you don't want my money then rip I guess.

  • Fleischmann

    Down with the proposed changes!

  • Fluxxium

    +1, this is such an over engineered update for something that isnt (generally) broken, i get that adding friends is some what of an issue, i have experienced it myself, but fix that instead of redoing everything. i quite like my username the way is, all of my friends do to. some of them cant think of cool or creative usernames so its just their name, and now their username will have to be steve919586813 or john125169 because of this update, instead of just steve#3399 or john#5402. very pointless, thanks discord.

  • Kaius

    +1. This is such a transparent attempt from Discord to chase trends to make investors happy without caring about what their actual userbase thinks or even the ramifications of doing such a thing. It was a disaster when YouTube did it and it'll be a disaster when Discord does it. "@" handles are a legitimate cesspool of problems on top of problems that are purely by design. The only way to fix those issues is to not ship this update.

  • kimi

    +1 this is a terrible change. if it drops i might as well go look for an alternative platform because there will be 0 chance that i can get a decent username and its just gonna have the same issues as every other social media handle system does.

  • Shadow

    +1 This is ridiculous.

  • Robyn

    +1 Stop it!

  • SepiaRovilhar

    Bad idea, in addition if a person does not have his nickname available he will add numbers. It will change from Pseudo#1234 to Pseudo1234

  • floawb

    discord trying as hard as they can to make their platform worse with every update

  • Mudou Setsuna

    I really really hate this idea. For one, because I don't 'Want to be easy to find' when I separate my hobbies. I don't want people I don't regularly talk to but know my username to be able to harrass me on discord, or be hurt because I decided not to add them. I don't want to share my info with hobby groups that have nothing to do with more serious discords or personal servers among friends.

    I don't want to have to fight to have a unique username when it's already a hassle on other services.

    You have added a social layer to this that was unneeded.

  • SepiaRovilhar

    Pseudo rare account selling + impersonation will be greatly increased with this

  • Stardust

    Ayo, Discord;
    You keep rolling out changes that no one asked for, no one wanted, and no one likes.
    You keep making changes that are met only with friction and annoyance from the community.
    You keep creating problems that don't exist, and just re-implementing existing features, but worse.
    You keep releasing updates that people actively hate, and then ban the use of tools to fix them.
    What is your problem? Seriously!

    Look, I get the idea for username change, but it's also the wrong avenue for the problem you've imagined up.
    You know what's likely to happen, also? You're going to get half of your userbase going from Username#XXX to username_XXXX. It's literally the same thing, but look, it's worse now! Super happy, right? Good job Discord.

    For y'all looking to move to a different platform, look into signing up for the Revolt chat app. It's open source, much more customisable, has a group of developers that actively listen to feedback (let's be real, Discord doesn't pay attention to user feedback until it's unanimous), and switching between one and the other is a smooth transition, since the UI is functionally the same.

  • jasonp1


    there will be an influx of people removing their subscription from nitro in protest of this change

    instead of appealing to uneducated newer users, (who are the minority), do not risk losing the majority of users who are content with the discriminator system

  • DigitalMagick

    This is identity theft at it's worst, performed by the hosting organization itself.

  • card

    +1 discord try not to make a bad update challenge!! (impossible)

  • KaseyPasta

    Please!! I think this is silly because

    1) when you assign a tag it’s kind of DISCORD’S BRAND? So you know what platform is being referred to, and that’s been such an integral part of it.

    2) I love the sync between username and server name, with the tag being separate. It’s very low maintenance.

    3) the security feels so different. I love being hard to find. There’s a pressure on social media to have an ORIGINAL username without added numbers or discriminators UNLESS they’re part of the platform. This is gonna drive security through the floor and make discord nothing like what it was before. We don’t use it because it’s instagram, we don’t use it because it’s Twitter, we use it because it’s DISCORD. It’s hard to find people and that makes it so much more special to keep in contact.

    Consider implementing a change in the friend request sql that queries a list of usernames CONVERTED to lowercase.

    There are other arguments to be made but here’s the deal PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT!! Thank you

  • Fubuki

    Terrible idea.

    One of the best things about discord was not having to worry about your username being taken. But here we are, throwing out one of the core pillars of the platform ig. You mention an issue with "there are already 9999 Janes or Mikes" and to address this issue... you're making it so there can only be one Jane and one Mike. Fantastic, you've reduced the number of Janes and Mikes we can have by 9999x. That's the exact polar opposite of what we (and seemingly you based on the article) want. I don't understand how this made it through if you truly gave it as much thought as the article says.

    This will only create frustration, impersonation issues, account selling, hacking attempts, and lots of being annoyed, angry, and depressed because you can't have the username you've been using for 8 years anymore because of some arbitrary change.

    How about instead of some massive change with huge negative implications, you address the core issue by educating users a little more? There's no explanation as to how these things work and you're expecting tech-illiterate people to automatically know how an inherently techy, nerdy platform works, then changing things for the worse when (surprise surprise) they don't know how it works. Seems pretty backwards.

  • mew

    I got Discord in 2016 and started paying for Discord Nitro in 2018 - that's 5 years of Nitro, all to keep my current username/numbers. This is the first time I've considered cancelling it.

    "Aged" accounts already sell for $100-500 dollars (especially 2015 ones). Can you imagine how insane the OG market would become if the hackers with stolen 2015 accounts managed to get every single good username on the platform? Have y'all seen how much Instagram accounts and Twitter usernames go for? And HOW many people get phished/hacked/etc from having accounts like that?

    Lol. Yikes, what an insane thing to change... in reality, all the issues they brought up in the post are non-issues.

  • Luca

    I've been on Discord since 2017, and have been a nitro subscriber since 2017. I've been a bot developer since 2020, who also navigated the hellish process of verification. I'm likely to be discontinuing all of the above, and I would be very surprised if I were alone in doing so.

    Changes like these are clearly built with Discord's own profit-seeking objectives in mind at the expense of all other users. Discarding discriminators entirely instead of adding an extra digit to them empowers one account out of a thousand and disenfranchises everyone from non-english speaking countries and regions. It even further adds to the problem of account selling (which is also perpetuated by money and time-exclusive badges), and punishes self expression with the proposed changes' extreme limitations. It is another knife in the chest of developers whose apps will be renamed, in addition to new hurdles to our systems which rely on the current methods.

    There are no benefits to carrying this out, and a lot of harm caused along the way. Since money is the only thing that Discord values anymore, consider the end of my six year subscription the only method I have to express my disapproval.

  • ZeletRon

    The worst decision I've seen come out of them in years, removing something they make money from and a unique aspect of Discord as a platform.
    No one sees "username#4983" and thinks it's anything other than a discord username, why move to something that's just more generic? Can't imagine the poor sod who came up with this horrible change.

  • Fortnitener

    No one asked for this, every issue u listed is a non issue and its perfect the way it is, this will genuinely be the worst change you ever make 


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