Do not move forward with the username change


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  • Noz


  • Bnomsi

    I absolutely agree. It's perfect the way it is. Never change a running system, especially not for the worse.

  • dull

    A discriminator allows users to have the same username without having to add periods or underscores. 
    most people don't like having periods or underscores in their username.

    Like the original thread suggests, users should be educated on what a discriminator is instead. For example after installing the app you could have Wumpus point to it on your profile as if it were a starter tutorial. It would be more friendly, entertaining, and educational. 

    Most people pay for nitro simply to have certain discriminators. I don't know how it would affect nitro sales but I would take that into account as well.

    As it was also a minority who are unaware of what a discriminator is I believe this to be unfair towards the people who do.

    please upvote this thread ^^

  • Fleischmann

    I am against the changes too.

  • KaseyPasta

    Please!! I think this is silly because

    1) when you assign a tag it’s kind of DISCORD’S BRAND? So you know what platform is being referred to, and that’s been such an integral part of it.

    2) I love the sync between username and server name, with the tag being separate. It’s very low maintenance.

    3) the security feels so different. I love being hard to find. There’s a pressure on social media to have an ORIGINAL username without added numbers or discriminators UNLESS they’re part of the platform. This is gonna drive security through the floor and make discord nothing like what it was before. We don’t use it because it’s instagram, we don’t use it because it’s Twitter, we use it because it’s DISCORD. It’s hard to find people and that makes it so much more special to keep in contact.

    Consider implementing a change in the friend request sql that queries a list of usernames CONVERTED to lowercase.

    There are other arguments to be made but here’s the deal PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT!! Thank you

  • Codixer < Use this post to signify your dislike of it, the more we get on a single post the more discord sees it.


  • chrome


  • Leyhunter

    One of the appeals of having Nitro is the ability to pick a custom discriminator, isn't it? This is ridiculous, Discord, seriously. Don't fix what ain't broke, no one I know has ever complained about the username system. If this goes through I'm cancelling my Nitro; why would I pay for a service that's taking away what makes the system fun and unique???

  • aurelian

    Extremely well-said! I'm also against the usernames changes.

  • The Listener


  • cyberjoek

    The discriminator is also a great anti-harassment tool as it reduces the ability to just guess a username as you'd also need to hit the 1 in 10k chance of getting the discriminator correct.

    The fact that Discord is handing a giant win to harassers is awful.

  • Falcolmreynolds


  • Leon138294


  • caelan

    I think that the change is a really bad idea! like others have mentioned, it could pose a huge risk of harassment and impersonation.

  • Opportunity V1

    Please do not follow through with the change. The discriminator is an excellent shorthand of knowing what a particular username represents when you see it on a twitter bio or something.

  • GlowKitty


    I am VERY against this change. I think the 4 number system is an improvement over standard usernames, while it has limitations that you brought up in your post announcing it, i do not believe the downsides outweigh the benefits. otherwise im just gonna be glowkitty12345 all over the place. the modern web isnt shrinking, and i believe the old system is a better way forward. to simplify it, you could add friend codes, or other methods like a nearby feature, or a generate a temporary code, and give that out. this is all beside the point that it would increase impersonation.

  • Jeremiah Jacob

    I agree with the previous points made and have nothing further to add.

  • K.F.

    I think if I were to play devil's advocate, since Discord is rolling out the feature to older accounts first there is a chance of people with malicious intent to call dibs on usernames that may be commonly attributed to popular content creators for example.

    In turn there could be a period of time where people might fall victim to scams from this account and usually there's no quick direct way to contact them because they're likely inundated with private messages, mentions in posts, comments to even care, I assume.

    The harassment point is a good one, I think. A username in its current state isn't exactly unique without its discriminator, it's simply a one-in-ten-thousand chance to get the target you intend to bother.

    Telegram allegedly has usernames one could sell for cryptocurrency on what are essentially bidding wars, though I myself haven't used Telegram recently enough to say that it is true.

    Assuming it is however, a worst case scenario could happen where people are just selling usernames for ridiculous amounts of money, there likely will be scams targeting people with desired usernames as well.

  • pantsupanda

    I can not support the decision to go to strict usernames. It is SO much more of an issue for those of us who are security minded. When SO MUCH of the internet is moving to Discord for their communities, and there are so many different kinds of servers that a person would want to access, having ALL OF THAT linked to an individual username is just insane. I do not want my singular person associated with every single Discord server I'm in, or even my typical online username associated with my Discord ACCOUNT, and I don't think I should have to pick a single username to get around that.

    You are seriously ruining the reasons I like Discord, one by one, as time goes on. I do not want Discord to be a social media platform. I want it to be a messaging app with some cool features. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who cares about this change, and I'm gonna be real, I am obstinate enough to find a different messaging platform if you keep pushing changes that your community clearly has a MASSIVE outcry about.

  • Squeaky Warrior

    Absolutely agree, this is ridiculous

  • pol

    Just going to upvote every single one of these posts, this is the stupidest decision ever thought of.

  • OutruntheWind

    "It is not reasonable to force long-time or high-profile users to have to accommodate such a drawback because of a lack of education by a minority of users (little over 40%, as Discord said in their blog post)."

    40% of people that responded to a poll that no one anywhere can remember getting... I seriously think they just made it up to justify their stupid plan.

  • HyruleanMaverick

    I bet this whole thing started when a Karen's child told their mom that someone else had their username. Dang you Karen

  • Spring Heart

    I am against the change. 

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