Username Change Sucks (A Compilation of Feedback and Critisism)


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  • wonderleias

    really good post. really hope discord actually listens to their user base for once because creating a ton of new problems in order to solve one that doesn't even really exist is ridiculous. (but of course they can’t just say that they’re trying to become the new twitter because then they’d really look bad)

  • Rheine

    +1, this post does a fantastic job of laying out some major issues with this update!

  • Sharkie The Dork

    (Refraining what I posted earlier this morning in a separate thread. Since posting that thread, I have cancelled my Nitro subscription. If the new Username system is implemented, I have no intentions of renewing my subscription again.)

    As far as I can recall I've only posted in the Feedback forum during one other event, when Discord was considering implementing NFT's into their service. Ha, remember that? I recall saying something along the lines of being proud of being a Discord user because historically, Discord has listened to and fostered more goodwill with its wider community more than the average tech company does. I really want that to remain the case.

    At first I didn't really understand what all the fuss is about, but then after reading through what other folks have said, I understand now, and I agree: We as a community prefer the Discriminator system.

    While there are many other reasons to keep the system the way it is, some arguments that particularly stuck out to me included:

    1) Discriminators allow a more private experience than usernames do, without the hassle of having to make multiple accounts or something. This is useful in the case of users with internet followings or users who are dealing with harassment or stalking. I saw multiple users in the feedback forum saying they feel much safer on discord due to the Discriminator system.

    2) The Discriminator system is nice for users who don't use the latin alphabet. International users who type with different alphabets were able to make their names identifiable and easy to type in their language, and enforcing limited characters in a username is going to take that away from them.

    3) Is it *really* that hard to deal with four numbers? Most people add friends through servers. If they don't, jeez, how hard is it for someone to pull up their phone and check their discriminator if it's not on the top of their head? And do you honestly think people, when sharing usernames for other sites in real life, just say their username out loud and leave it at that? No! Most of the time they're either going to send a link to their profile or specify exactly how it's spelled, same as you'd do for a discriminator. Plus, anyone who wants a "John" username is going to end up with something more complicated than John#xxxx. That's how we get x_X_John_X_x.

    4) People are PAYING you for this feature! It's a nitro benefit! 

    We love Discord for why it stands out, not why it's like everything else. Please keep hold of what makes you special.

  • Stardust

    Aye Sharkie, those are valid points that I've seen mentioned a lot.
    What I think interests me, first off, is that users are absolutely in the right to be concerned about privacy. With discriminators, if you were looking to message some John#XXXX, you'd have to cycle through some 10K combinations to guarantee at least one, and that's ignoring differen capitalisation or name changes. With the new/proposed system changes, you're guaranteed to hit someone with just the username john. It's going to be a lot easier to accidentally stumble into finding these users, which, for names that are more uncommon (and thus more likely to get their assumed default (ex, john), they will be super easy to find.

    And there's also a valid point in Nitro users' complaints. Over time Discord's paid subscription/service has been thoroughly degraded, increasing prices (directly or indirectly), reducing user rewards (in a way that doesn't make this subscription a regular donation, but rather maintains its identity as a service you pay for), and offering just.. less and less over time, to the point where I don't know what you lot are even paying for anymore. Not that I don't know what is given, but that I can't provide any reason for users to become a paying customer in this service. So Discord going ahead and taking out what sounds to be one of the major selling points of this subscription is like a slap to the face for Nitro users, "you've been paying for these features for years, which means you obviously like them to some degree... So anyway we've decided to remove these features."

    I earnestly believe that community outrage is well within reason, and while I understand that, "it's just a small removal," that 'small' removal not only has a lot of implications for how it would affect users, but also isn't really provided any correct justification from the developers. "Here's a faulty poll, and magic numbers that we think might represent our userbase, and some large jumps or gaps in logic, and that's why we're making this drastic change that will have adverse effects for everyone," is what it effectively boils down to.

  • Rei

    I feel it should 100% be noted that this change completely screws over anyone who doesn't use the most recent versions of all the Discord apps, which is likely to be millions upon millions of people. The platform stands to lose more users than it could gain due to people who can no longer use older versions simply leaving the platform altogether.  Even if only 50% of those people actually left, that's still millions. People aren't magically going to want to update just because they're being forced to, as, if that were the case, they wouldn't be using older versions in the first place. This isn't even mentioning people who simply can't update due to hardware limitations, which, while likely being smaller than people who choose not to update, is still a huge amount of people.


    While I know there are arguments for other effects this change will have being worse, I personally find this to be the worst of them all, as this would completely go against something the company has stood for since it's inception, that being that they would NEVER force people to update if they didn't want to. I have tons of friends and people I talk to on regular basis who completely refuse to update under any circumstance, and I would be devastated to have to say goodbye to them all.

    I truly hope this change is reverted soon down the line, or outright cancelled, for the sake of all the people who would be leaving or having close friends leave the platform as a result.

  • jinx's zed

    nice post op, stupidest change ever. however i do wanna point out you dont have to give them credit for anything, this was neither a good idea nor a good "solution"

  • Falcolmreynolds


    Thanks for providing some alternatives! I've been looking for a good one for a while now.

  • 9lives

    I'm mostly concerned about fraud, threats, stalkers, and is creating a emerging black market.

    I liked my username, and I like the usernames of my friends, everything was just fine, but thank you for ruing that,


    I think Discord just hopped on the short bus!


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