The semi-proven reasons why the Username Change Update won't help.


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  • Risinglion

    Thanks for saving my time and effort. I am here to make this post. The points are straight on, I wouldn't have done it better. 
    Dear Discord, everyone hates this system on other platforms, this isn't the solution. We like the old and unique way discord has handled this username chaos over the years and we'd like to keep it that way. 

  • SpaceBees

    Hoarding usernames just for the aesthetic is common on another social media site I use as well. It probably happens on every service that only allows one person to have a given username. Does Discord want that on theirs too?

  • Aerictus

    If they cared about their users this idea would have died in the meeting it was suggested.


    I agree with all of your points. (however, i am laughing a little at your blatant misuse of the tl;dr.)

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Yep, fully agree. Under no circumstances is this a good idea.

    Add your voice and opinion to the main thread as well!

  • Squeaky Warrior

    Exactly! This is a horrible idea, discord

  • Wyrm-Sidekick

    You said it all! I 100% agreed.

    I just sure hope that they don't hear your 'limit accounts per IP?' as Discord is aware that users have multiple accounts that's why they added the account switch option. I myself have a personal account and a work account and wouldn't want that merged into one that's for sure.


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