Allow same mobile number for connected accounts, I cannot use both my work account and mobile account without arduously switching my mobile number over!


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  • Codixer

    This is a prevention by Discord to have you use a number on multiple accounts. Discord bans all accounts with the same number from all servers.

  • Joel Mahon

    Codixer if it was about protection then allowing people to switch the account their mobile was linked to several times a day would make that protection pointless. Discord won't let me use the same number on multiple account without removing it from the other account. I just want to switch between my work and personal accounts without having to type in a texted code. there's no reason to have the current system. it doesn't provide more security because typing in the code is trivial.

  • David

    Beeing able to use the same mobile number for private and work account would be great. I don't have an own mobile number from work and also don't want to use my private email address for my work account. So i am not able to add a mobile number to my work account yet. How do you solve this problem?

  • Carl

    Discord has an account switching feature… but its breaking its own “feature” by making it clunky having to type in a phone number every time.

    I sometimes like to have 2 instances of discord running. it helps me keep things separated between work and play
    this used to be okay in the past. I actually have 4 discord accounts but 2 of them are my mains.

    Maybe having a number assigned to a maximum of 2 accounts could work…


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