[Feature Request] Let us mark channels of a server as favorite


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  • ImBatman

    I'd also like to add to it (I'm actually posting a suggestion about this) that it would be nice to mark messages from different servers and conversations as favorite or as starred messages which we can check at a single place.

    It could be useful for scenarios where you browse through important information which you don't have the time to visit right away but could be buried in other conversations. It could also be useful to keep important messages marked so that you have them at hand.

  • martosss

    Yes, I like ImBatman's idea of bookmarking channels from different servers in your own "homeplace" - that would be nice. Otherwise you have to jump through servers only to check 1-2 channels in each of them.

  • maxplayledev

    This would be a brilliant feature. Why hasn't it got more upvotes?



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