Nitro not working even though I've been charged


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  • Cor Hydrae

    Same issue. Broke in the middle of the night last night for me; about the same situation in general.

  • Crazy🌹🌿⁶⁹

    similar situation, please take action.

  • invariant

    Same exact issue.

  • bunnylane88

    Hi guys, my nitro problem has been fixed as of this morning. If you're having the same problem I recommend you to submit a ticket on where a tech support will directly help you. Hope this helps and you'll get to use your nitro perks again soon!

  • koko 3

    I got nitro today after giving some to my friends and I got it . Doesn’t let me do anything and it says I don’t have it I have proof I got it

  • fvuxi

    Same issue for me what do I do to fix it

  • Seraphim

    Bye same 😐

  • aquj

    someone please help how do i get my nitro, i literally bought it like an hour ago and it expires in oct. super mad about this discord pls fix this issue

  • Caddy

    Same issue, contacted support about it and awaiting a reply now.

  • Caddy

    Got to a solution with support, here's a segment from their message to me:

    Just to clarify, Nitro/Nitro Classic gifts you claim on an account are now converted to a monthly credit, and you can check the account credit that you have directly in your User Settings > Subscriptions tab.

    If the credit did not immediately continue, your subscription that can happen for the following reasons:
    1) The previous Nitro subscription was canceled.
    2) The previous Nitro subscription was in the past due phase.
    3) The previous or current Nitro subscription did not match the gift type you received.

    Note: Account Credit can only be used for desktop/browser subscriptions. It cannot be used on Google Play or iOS App Store subscriptions.

    To activate the gift on your account, you'd need to subscribe to Nitro/Nitro Classic monthly on the desktop/browser client by going to the User Settings > Subscriptions tab.

    Upon subscribing to the matching subscription, our system will use the credit currently available on your account as payment and you will not be charged.

    You can read more about account credits here:


    Hope this might also help others having the same issue!

  • wifeyy

    i brought the 16$ nitro twice and it still not working fix it or give my money back.😐

  • Still dealing with customer support. I bought like 16.99 of nitro with apple credits. The money is gone & still no subscription despite following all the percautions given through discord. Lol.

  • notAfurry

    I’m having the same problem rn I asked everyone Ik if they knew anything they said no so I sent a report and I’m currently waiting for a answer back 🤦🏽‍♀️ Discord needs to fix this issue asap

  • yanfei

    I have the same issue, I recently bought nitro with an IPhone and I don’t have the nitro on my account and my money is gone. 

  • Pearlz

    Me to

  • ツ.

    amazing how all these people have the EXACT same issue, and discord just keeps letting it happen. million dollar company.


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