Please add the In-App Reporting feature in Discord on the Desktop app and the browser version of Discord


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  • Celeron

    Per the D O H J A Y R P E group this will not be implemented just due to the head Administration.

    Your's in service



  • Tech Technology

    Also, Discord should add a feature that let us report a user directly from their profile, not just their messages, and let us provide links to abusive messages or messages that are violating the ToS or the Community Guidelines, they should also provide 2 text-boxes in the In-App Reporting feature, one for the subject, and another one for the description, so that people can explain how is a user violating the ToS by sending attachments like screenshots (which most likely they will never look at), providing links to messages that are violating the ToS, also when reporting spam, spam can be done in multiple ways, by sending messages over and over again, sending text walls and being disruptive to the chat, spamming attachments, sometimes a member can spam by sending a large number of messages in a short span of time and/or sending them over and over again, so if we report more than one message, will they know that the user has spammed?

  • Tech Technology

    It's really hard to explain this


    I mean, I can send messages over and over again, if someone reported more than one message sent by me, will the message IDs reported as spam be included in one report? or it will create multiple reports and the T&S team will consider that my reports are false?


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