Is there anyone who thinks the new pings and reactions look good? Like, who wants this to exist?


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  • Creve

    Discord needs to be updated. I mean the old UI is pretty cool but bit boring if you use Discord every day. They probably should add an feature to change some UI settings, such as font, main color scheme and more! This UI is more cooler and fresher I think, why people don’t like it? I don’t know.

  • Donatsu

    I made the grave mistake of updating Discord. Now I have to live with this mistake for the rest of my life.

  • EAJB

    Yeah the new ping highlights your name and it looks like you haven't read it yet. Terrible choice imo. Old react/ping notification interface was much  more intuitive

  • Humble

    In my opinion I like the change in reactions it's not so dull, coming from a programmer/webdesign perspective you always need to change things up some changes just don't look good, like the pings I personally don't like them, also regarding you saying "Why try to fix what's not broken?" I'm pretty sure design wouldn't fall into a programmers job at discord lol

  • Kazelion

    The reactions look cool but the pings were better before

  • yuithgf

    great, now it updated again and its worse, with the colors being more saturated.

  • DemonDunce

    I honestly don't understand how people can like the new reactions either. That border sticks out like a sore thumb, when reactions are supposed to be just a subtle addition or response to someone's message.

  • Beirifu

    I think it's an accessibility thing, but it could just be optional

  • Vendor-Lazarus

    While most people seem to complain about logo, color and text, the white @ tags and boxed reactions are the most egregious change to me.


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