Please give us an option to revert back to the old look and feel.


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  • PeksMex

    The font looks like absolute dog shit

  • Astolfo

    clyde doesn't bother me but the font of the text and the new color makes me want to kashoot myself, it hurts my eyes a bit just looking at it. (got this from a twitter reply)

  • Monkey

    Honestly I just don't like it, and would prefer the old one. Not a big deal as some of you are making it out to be, atleast it's not like what those monsters did to the Pringles can guy

  • Krexah

    Yes. PLEASE.

  • CJ_Link



  • Tyeluxe


  • The new logo looks hideous and absolutely disgusting.

  • Tacuwu

    so true

  • Sophia | AmpUpRadio

    I definitely agree!  I am not a big fan of the wacky/childish font/logo used for a platform meant to be modern/techy.  Colors are okay, but I dislike everything about the font.

  • _zSharp_

    The new blurple is definitely harder on the eyes, please do make an option to revert to the old version of the color. I'd prefer getting the old logo and lettering as well, but the color is the most important here for me

  • Valeh

    if the truth would be much better for everyone

  • Parallax

    Right now, if you wanted revert the update fully, the only way would be a BD theme (found it on twitter comments). Obviously BD is against tos, basically I am requesting an option to revert the update inside discord itself and not with any third party applications. If you just want to change the external icons, just get an icon pack lol (for Android and linux users mostly).

  • Gavin

    it looks a lot better and this is not related to the API, if you are so deeply devastated about such a tiny change maybe you have bigger issues lmfao


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