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  • Dregon Azure

    It's so much more a hassle now to share pics. Honestly thinking of uninstalling and try using an older version if possible.

  • Super Pixle Man

    A lot of the changes were "eh, I'll adjust, it's not a big deal".

    Nah. Not this one. This one might be a deal breaker for me. My version of Android doesn't believe in dark themes, so when I try to share an image, I get a flashbang. And then there's the weird sorting system it has. Nope. Don't like it. Let me choose to use my Gallery app instead of forcing me to use Google's file manager.

  • Sandwich_Slayer

    I don't really have these problems unless its android specific and not iPhone as well

  • Charlotte

    Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous. Sending specific images from my massive collection is now pointlessly difficult. I can see no reason why this change was made aside from making things more difficult.

  • naz-hk

    hard agree with everything above. literally no good reason for this change, gonna significantly cut my mobile discord usage because of this

  • kyoshiro

    yes please omg, i've been okay with every change & update discord has decided to push but this is one that was literally just not needed. for people who send lots of images, it's just a huge pain now

  • James™

    Has there been any indication from the devs they will bring back the ability to use the gallery app on Android? I just setup a new phone and got stuck with this build, it's incredibly cumbersome using the Android file manager just to send a few pictures.


    A side note, who even asked for this change in the first place?

  • Genxun

    Baffling change, this is just making image sharing more of a hassle. Nothing was wrong with the way it worked before. This is a negative change to user convenience. Revert it please.

  • PieBathBob

    the most frustrating part of this is that the gallery can still be accessed through other areas of the app such as profile pictures. everywhere i look it seems like this is being ignored but it's an extremely annoying change and i hope they eventually listen. i can't even tell if it's a bug or not because of the lack of responses

  • Rulerz

    [Replying to @PieBathBob]
    I believed it was a bug at first, and submitted it as a bug report. A member of staff told me in an email that it was an intentional change, and that they even checked in with Android to make sure that it was working as intended.

  • randi

    It's very upsetting. The setup of files makes it really hard to locate images.

  • Foxy Lady

    Absolutely pathetic move Discord devs. They shouldn't have messed with the gallery apps and force us into using the Google system files. I'm missing out on everything because they won't let me use F-Stop anymore. You want to easily find your artwork and memes? Tough luck pal, use system files! It's wild how they think that was a brilliant idea to take such a good feature away.

  • kyoshiro

    5 months later, such a big issue still not fixed. every time i update the app i hope MAYBE just MAYBEEEE this is when they finally decide to give us back gallery and the answer is always NOPE. but they've been lightning fast with rolling out nitro feature updates..... nice, discord.

  • Axolotl

    It's honestly one of the most weirdest, counterintuitive, and completely pointless changes they've done. Who the hell went 'oh yeah that easy to use thing where you can select images from your gallery to use, the feature that's in every social app, yeah get rid of that'. I know discord doesn't have a clue what the user base like or want but this is really taking the cake on stupidity.

  • Diamondbunny4

    I was forced to update and now I can't even get to pics I took yesterday. Please bring back gallery access. Removing this feature benefits nobody

  • Rosanna.H

    Yes thank you, thought I was the only one that cared, tbh I'm moving to another app, that's how bad it is, gallery format is superior, and get this, you can still choose from the gallery app while changing pfps and or banner's, the heck? Why not sending photos and videos too? What a mess-

  • Loxen

    This is a real problem. Especially working on projects on the go. I hate having to scroll through months of images, just to pass it and scroll another 7 minutes. It's a unnecessary change and only added more hastle.


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