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  • Lucy

    Now that you've mentioned it, what the heck is that font design?

    But yeah the new colors for the ping are atrocious. Feels like I'm looking at light mode in dark mode. Knowing Discord, they won't change it back and we'll just have to get used to it. But my eyes hate it.

  • jlfree

    It really does just look absolutely vile. The colour is terrible, the lowercase i is just pain. Honestly the logo isn't that bad but it's still a downgrade. All around garbage.


    I hate that font so much. I can see that being more playful, but the modernistic design that discord was well known for didn't make discord look like a joke app. 

  • MasterBenedict

    Frankly, I'm not against a redesign. But it just seems a little hit and miss.

    The logo I'll get used to, but the font. I reckon that's not just the fact it changed, I'm genuinely not too keen on it.

    That as well as the ping colour, not sure how that wasn't picked up in QA but it looks terrible in dark mode (and sort of alright in light mode).

    Regarding the colour change, just not really sure why. The old colour seemed fine, in fact, I seem to be straining my eyes more to look at the new one.

    As I said, I really don't have an issue with change, I totally understand why Discord is going in the direction they are regarding branding. But this update just seems patchy. Too many things off. Because, and I'm sad to say it, but I recently tried out a Discord knockoff and some of the stuff in this update reminds me a lot of that.

    Hopefully, Discord will work out some of these teething issues or at least give users the option to customise UI colours, but that's a whole other topic in itself!

  • Nektar

    please go back to darker colours

  • Yeedee

    change it back please oh my god my eyes hate looking at those ugly colors and the ping color and logo 

    new blue looks awful, please discord why did you do this, why why why why why why

  • UsernameEscape




    Dicord is literally becoming bad


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