Start on Boot Setting Should NOT require logging in


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  • Mutant

    It is very strange that Discord's default is to auto-start; it would be better for the default behaviour to be default behaviour (ie, launching on user demand) and provide the user with an option to autostart (from the settings available from a menu: Edit/Preferences) while waiting for the user to authenticate.

    Since this is not what Discord have done, this is a workaround for Windows:

    1. Ctrl-Shift-Esc to bring up Task Manager
    2. Startup tab (click More Details in the bottom left if no tabs are visible)
    3. right-click the entry for Name:Update, Publisher:GitHub
    4. Properties will confirm that this is indeed Discord even though it seems oddly reluctant to confess that much
    5. Disable button in the bottom-right corner of Task Manager

    Now Discord will not launch when you log into Windows and you haven't needed to log into Discord to effect that. Really Discord need to redesign the GUI to make the preferences accessible from a standard menu the entire time, whether or not someone is logged into the client.

    Older versions of Windows should probably use:

    1. Winkey-R
    2. msconfig [Return]
    3. Startup tab

    instead. Other OSes likely have similar utilities for managing their session launch lists.


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