Account was randomly disabled without explanation - Support is nonexistent.


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  • curry#6726

    Same thing, multiple requests and no reply, been like 3 days

  • Clarence Rainsford

    Exact same thing happened to me. Every single time I tried to get in contact with support… even the twitter support account I was told i violated TOS and wouldn’t get my account back. At no point was I ever told what I did. I literally only talk in private servers that i either own or manage. I had that account for 7 years. Was paying since 2019. It’s ridiculous that even when I submitted request saying “alright, I know I’m banned but can anybody tell me why?” I still got the exact same automated response. What a joke.

  • anane

    same thing, i have created 4-5 tickets with my age proofs and all of them was closed as "solved" by some ShaneA and Alain, but my account is still banned, the same waiting for you from these two

    p.s. my account was banned on 15th may)

  • blackwolfwoof

    Image a place, Discord.
    Though i wish you best luck in getting your account back... support id ultra slow and usually only bots reply or your ticket gets marked as completed

  • Scalosian

    Update: still no response from Discord Support. If this goes on much longer, I think my account will be lost. =(

  • Pisscorp Co.

    black wolf you look more brown colored whats with the name also support costs money to run it wud be best if u guys stopped getting disabled for saying 12 its best to stay safe stop sending any msgs stay safe

  • jokerswild44

    I still haven’t heard anything back from Discord yet. One of my friends who filed an appeal (she appealed in my favor) on the same day as I filed my appeal, and she heard back from Discord only 3 days after her appeal but it has been almost 6 days for me and still nothing. Discord told her that it was not her concern because it wasn’t her account that got disabled. I am very positive that my account got disabled because it was collateral damage when a server that I had recently most likely violated TOS and got deleted and my account got disabled because I didn’t leave the server in time before it got nuked.

  • Terr

    Open a ticket and in the mean time, hit up Discord's support twitter. I got my account for THIS SUPPORT WEBSITE suspended because they closed my UNSOLVED TICKET and I kept making a NEW ONE and they hated it. :) So... I'm going nuclear and blowing up their communications on all fronts. Speaking of which, please go to my tweet (here) and reblog it with an @ for @Discord_support so they'll HAVE to see it regardless of if they want to or not? Thank you.

  • Scalosian

    UPDATE - finally got a DM from the main Discord account on twitter, but unfortunately it didn't give me any insight into what happened. They just said that the copy/paste Clyde bot response that everyone gets is a manual process by an agent, so technically an agent responded to my ticket. 

    This of course conflicts with what the Discord Support account recently tweeted about the ticket process: 

    Note: If you receive an automated response from Clyde that doesn't quite solve your issue, make sure to reply to it in order to have your ticket pushed to an agent!


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