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  • Chro

    Old accounts did not have complete priority, Discord's staff has been rumored to have reserved names for friends (very new accounts with already the new username system) and for re-sell purposes. Some names already being sold for over $10,000 on websites. Discord needs to either go back now or this will not end well. My nitro subscription will be cancelled as soon as my year plan is over. My account was from oct 2015, I have had nitro for almost a year consecutively and I was the #0001 of my name, yet I did not get my rightful username. 

    Unique Usernames like twitter hase are the worst idea ever and an old concept of the past. let us keep the usernames we want to have instead of being forced to find some arcane name just because every name we try is already taken. My identity is lost if I can't keep my name. I want to keep me discord number! It's like another phone number to me, and I'm even more likely to give this one to friends and family than I am my actual phone number.

    By the way OP, you mentioned there are better options now. Could you get me up to date with those? Please and thank you anyone who took their time to read my rant.


  • Rainer

    I paid for 7 years just for my username; finally a reason to cancel Nitro. 

    As a smaller content creator, I can do a complete rebrand as I had everything laid out on my Discord identity. 

    Really feels like someone ripped something out of me. 

    why have you not at least the names for 0001 gesavet? Probably it's fairer to have dead 2015 Discord accounts names sold on the internet. 

  • HaSSan

    I completely understand your frustration, and it sounds like the recent username update on Discord has caused significant inconvenience for you. It's disheartening when changes impact the user experience negatively, especially for long-time users like yourself.

    While I don't have the power to influence Discord's decisions, I can suggest a few steps you might consider:

    1. Provide Feedback:
      Consider reaching out to Discord's support or submitting feedback through their official channels. Clearly express your concerns and the challenges you've faced with the recent update. They may take user feedback into account for future improvements.

    2. Explore Alternatives:
      If the changes in Discord are affecting your day-to-day experience significantly, you might want to explore alternative platforms that better align with your preferences and needs. There are several communication platforms available, and finding one that suits you might alleviate some of the frustration.

    3. Community Discussions:
      Engage in community discussions about the update. Many users share similar sentiments, and collectively expressing dissatisfaction can catch the attention of Discord developers and prompt them to reconsider certain aspects of the update.

    4. Wait for Updates:
      Software updates often come with adjustments and improvements based on user feedback. Keep an eye on Discord release notes for future updates and see if any changes address the concerns raised by the community.


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