I am canceling my Nitro because of the username change and I urge you to do the same


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  • WhiffleWaffles

    I canceled mine, and when they asked why I canceled, I clicked "Other" and wrote because of the new Pomelo Username System (Removal of #0000). I doubt it'll do anything; it's clear Discord doesn't need the approval of their userbase to roll out changes. :(

  • Flish32

    I'm also cancelling. Not like they'll care though.

  • Leo

    dont have nitro but told a friend to if they still have it

  • Aerictus

    I cancelled mine back when the announcement came out. If I didn't have friends here I'd just abandon the platform altogether based on how they have handled this.

  • Leo

    Same, I was even looking for alternatives that would allow me to import discord servers in someway [if that's even possible]

  • Twisted_Code

    Yeah this is stupid. I'm Twisted_Code and I'm not inclined to change that because I happened to choose two generic words. Maybe I'll just put my discriminator on the end of it? But what's wrong with the discriminators in the first place? The Emperor has no clothes.

  • Pisscorp Co.

    Maybe I'll just put my discriminator on the end of it?

    no dont do it you will never remember it i swear just add random xs and dots and underscores and replace letters with numbers and just smash your keyboard i am currently EX-EX-P-ONE-S-FIVE-C(like in citrus)-O-R-P-UNDERSCORE-C(like in citrus)-THENUMBERZERO-M-P-THENUMBERTHREE-L-M-A-N-DOT-4-2-DOT-EX-EX thats xxp1s5corp_c0mp3lman.42.xx its real easy to pronounce and write much better than pisscorp#4242

  • iotaSAGE

    I'm still looking for alternatives. Most of what I'm finding so far is either too business orientated, or not organise-friendly enough. Even if they don't use denominators, I'm at a point where I'd leave just to make a point. It's a real shame. I've enjoyed Discord since 2015. It's had problems for a while now, but this was the final straw for me. If I can find something for me and my pals, I'm outtie. 

    One interesting thing I noticed during my search is that a lot of the more business orientated chat services... cost significantly less than Nitro, especially for boosted servers, and there's literally no reason for Discord to charge so much in comparison. What a shocker.  


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