New username system doesn't make sense?


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  • Asphxyis

    Same thing, I joined in 2017 and still waiting for my username to change while people who joined in 2021 already changed their usernames.


    same here. i joined 2016 and was forced to wait until no good usernames remained. i finally got it after 5pm today, AND i was a nitro user. not anymore. also saw 2021 users getting their usernames. discord doesn't give a fuck about their long-term users. they only want money and new customers. these new customers will be fucked over soon too though. no customer loyalty anymore, just churn and burn new customers, make a quick buck off of anyone new, but they'll leave soon after because they arent gonna have any customer retention because of this. and yes. i'm saying customer instead of user, because that's all discord is becoming. just a giant paywall.


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