Discord disabling my account, and after proceeding to submit an request 3 days ago i was ghosted. (Propably happend to others too)


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  • C3982

    To answer every point of your topic let me answer it one by one 

     I had a Nitro subscription on my account right? Does it get cancelled and what if I was charged a few hours before my account began disabled? answer is yes you will get charged but inform billing support aka non trust and safety to remove the payment on your disable account and refunds your purchases
    - Why does Discord ignore tickets? Do they just don't care? answer is : ticket traffic because one of my friends got his account back after 10 days of responding

    - What should I do in this situation? answer is : waiting but if you didn't send the requirements they asked for then you need to resend it in one photo and make sure everything is in high quality and easy to be seen so they can unlock your account.

  • Maksatlimuhabbet

    If I had paid for it, I would have taken legal action. if you have such a possibility, I say use it. 

    They have victimized so many people that I really don't understand what discord is trying to do.

    if there are really so many of us discord can't ignore us after a while, I believe that too, but I don't think they read this forum or the tickets. writing on twitter doesn't change anything either. maybe discord doesn't have real people anymore, artificial intelligence has taken over completely :)

  • G316

    my account i had since 2016 is due to be deleted today after i was randomly disabled. Support is useless so i wish u the best luck in recovering your account.


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