The New Mobile App Layout is HORRIBLE


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  • zzxjoanw

    Seriously. All my servers used to be visible in the drawer, but now I have to scroll or expand the server box.

  • Danhel 95

    Полностью поддерживаю, верните старый дискорд!

  • spookerton

    H&C, discord, whatever, has a history of ignoring feedback that isn't positive, but I would very much prefer the current mobile layout to remain, or at least be provided as a legacy option – this new one isn't just difficult to navigate and overly busy, it's also noticeably slow

  • sophia tudder

    Remini Photo Enhancer boasts an intuitive and user-friendly layout designed to streamline the photo enhancement process. Its thoughtfully organized interface ensures that users, whether novice or experienced, can easily navigate through its various features. With neatly arranged tools and options, you'll find it effortless to upload, edit, and enhance your photos. Remini's layout promotes a seamless user experience, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect of enhancing your cherished memories, all while conveniently accessing the power of AI-driven restoration and enhancement.



  • Digital Marketing Pk

    This new update to the mobile app layout is significantly less user-friendly compared to the previous version. We kindly request an option to revert to the familiar old layout.

    It's essential to consider that users have grown accustomed to the previous design, which they appreciate and find efficient. Changing it entirely can be disorienting and counterproductive.

    Please, Discord, reconsider this change. Your reputation for user-centered design is well-earned, and many believe this decision warrants a second look. Ensuring your user base remains satisfied should always be a priority in software updates.


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