API: Add "Suspicious DM activity" to be a discoverable state from the bot API


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  • tanisha

    Your suggestion to make the "Suspicious DM activity" flag and the "Message hidden from likely spammer" events accessible for the bot API is a practical and valuable one. Enabling bots to access and log these events would indeed be beneficial for server moderation, helping to identify and address potential scammers and spammers more effectively. This added functionality could enhance the overall security and quality of the Discord server environment.

    Best regards, and I hope your suggestion is considered and implemented by Discord to improve the moderation capabilities of bot developers like yourself. 🤖👍

  • Elle Spark

    In this age of AI, can we do automate all the work without any problem. I believe the way you mentioned the process of “moderation” will enhance the Discord servers and will make it more transparent for everyone. If you are the owner of the server or the participant; it applies legality and making it more clearer for everyone! 
    Cheers mate for your work and i am enjoying it being the olders member of discord. 🤖👍

  • Cragsand

    If you agree please also upvote this suggestion. That will help Discord considering implementing it!


  • Cragsand

    For anyone wondering what this is, it's these two different flags:

    • Spammer
    • Unusual DM Activity

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