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  • Maplestar

    I don't have this issue with font size but I think the amount of blank space between channel names is unnecessary. It would make way more sense to increase the font size to fill it in if they're going to never give us control over the UI font size. Though I agree it's bad that we don't have that control especially given that we get it for chat text size.

  • Fahadsaleem

    I don't experience problems with the font size, but I find the excessive blank space between channel names unnecessary. It would be more logical to enlarge the font size to utilize that space if they won't allow us to adjust the UI font size. While I acknowledge the issue, it's Tgi Friday Menu that we lack control over the UI font size, especially when we have that option for chat text size.

  • Fahadsaleem

    The current issue I'm encountering involves difficulty in perceiving the font size within channel names, rendering the content inaccessible. I want to emphasize that I did not initiate or request this particular change, and I am seeking a solution in the form of a setting that would allow me to restore and enlarge the font for improved antalya airport transfer. Your assistance in addressing this matter would be greatly appreciated.




  • Fahadsaleem

    I completely understand how a sudden change in font size can make it difficult to read and navigate through the channels. Accessibility is crucial, and it's important to have settings that accommodate everyone's needs.

    You can try the following steps to adjust the font size:

    Check Settings: Go to the settings menu of the application. Look for an option related to appearance or accessibility. Many applications have a setting for adjusting the font size.

    Zoom In/Out: If there isn’t a direct option to change the font size, you can often use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or out. For most browsers and many desktop applications, you can use:

    • Ctrl + + to zoom in (Windows/Linux)
    • Cmd + + to zoom in (Mac)
    • Ctrl + - to zoom out (Windows/Linux)
    • Cmd + - to zoom out (Mac)

    Accessibility Features: Some applications have built-in accessibility features. Check if there are any options specifically designed to help with readability, such as high-contrast modes or text enlargement.

    Support and Feedback: If the above options don’t work, consider reaching out to the support team of the application. Provide feedback about the issue, as developers often prioritize accessibility issues when they receive user feedback.

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