Stop changing the UI


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  • BornVolcano

    Agreed. At very least, make it a toggle-based feature. I love some of the new updates they added. Ability to see messages when offline? Love that. Faster opening and loading times, with more stability? Heck yeah. A custom soundboard sound when you enter a vc? Sign me up!

    But the requirement that I change the entire UI in order to access these changes is a dealbreaker for me. It looks like any other generic, essentially meaningless social media app. They've alienated almost half of their userbase, and for what? “A fresh new look”? Great, then make it the default, with an opt-out of that UI hidden down in settings. I don't mind looking for it, I just need it to be there. 

    They're claiming this is for the sake of the users, but it seems very much for the sake of the company. The users are speaking and you're ignoring us, discord. Own up to that, or change behaviour. You used to be so good with user engagement. 


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