new API is garbage


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  • no u

    which buttons don't work?

  • rodm

    Agree.  Please return the UI to before dec'23, or give us the choice between old and new.

    I find I am continually swapping back and forth between the two screen displays, and it is hard to detect new posts.

    Wastes so much time when I'm trying to use discord in a panic while playing a shooter game.

    The old system was way easier to use where everything was on one scrollable screen. Especially since the iPhone App system is different to discord on a PC so “muscle memory” for quick navigation is stuffed up.

    Please either return to the old system, or give us users a choice.

    Not just my opinion.

  • jack wells

    It's really disappointing how Discord's recent updates have worsened accessibility, with many buttons becoming non-functional. Their lack of response to user concerns is genuinely concerning. Now, It is challenging to integrate Discord with your website. I want to integrate it with my website, where user can find pefect names for their child, animals and also get information about names meaning.


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