add a search tab on the new layout navigation bar


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  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    Thank you for your suggestions to improve the Discord user experience. Your idea to add a search tab to the navigation bar for searching messages across all servers is valuable. This would provide users with a convenient way to search for specific messages without having to navigate through individual servers.

    Additionally, your request for options to revert to the original mobile layout and grid view layout addresses the importance of user preferences and customization. We understand that different users have different preferences, and providing options for layout preferences can enhance user satisfaction.

    Regarding the request to allow users to change their legacy usernames, we appreciate your input. Offering this feature with different limitations based on Nitro subscription levels is a thoughtful approach to balancing user flexibility with platform usage. We will consider this suggestion as we continue to refine Discord's features and offerings.

    Your feedback is essential in helping us prioritize and implement improvements to Discord. We will pass your suggestions along to our development team for further consideration.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Discord community, and please feel free to share any additional ideas or feedback you may have. We're here to listen and strive to make Discord a better platform for all users.


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