Fix Reddit Video Embeds


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  • Water Out Of Speaker

    Hey, I'm having pretty much the same issue and also use a bot. In case it's not the same that you're using, you can use Mee6 to set up an RSS feed from Reddit. This way, whenever there's a new post in a subreddit you're following, Mee6 can automatically post a message in your Discord server. While it won't create rich embeds in the same way as native Discord functionality, it will keep your server updated with the latest posts from Reddit.

    Here's how you can set it up:

    1. Add Mee6 to your Discord server by visiting the Mee6 website and authorizing it to access your server.
    2. Once added, go to the Mee6 dashboard and select your server.
    3. Look for the "Plugins" tab and find the RSS Feed plugin.
    4. Enable the RSS Feed plugin and set up a new feed. You'll need the RSS feed URL from the Reddit subreddit you want to follow. (You can usually find this by adding .rss to the end of a subreddit URL, like
    5. Configure the plugin to post in a specific channel on your server whenever there's a new post in the subreddit.
  • Hxnd

    Water Out Of Speaker Thanks for the detailed reply but currently just hoping they fix how reddit links are embedded so I can send the odd link here and there. 

  • Ahamd hassan

    That sounds frustrating! It's disappointing when a feature you rely on suddenly stops working as expected. Discord and Reddit pointing fingers at each other doesn't help the situation either. Hopefully, they can collaborate to resolve this issue and bring back the rich embeds for links. In the meantime, relying on a bot, while not ideal, might help bridge the gap until the native feature is reinstated. It's always tough when two platforms' functionalities clash and users are caught in the middle.

  • Jhoney Bairstow

    Wow, that's really frustrating! It's a letdown when a feature you depend on suddenly goes haywire. Discord and Reddit playing the blame game doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully, they can work together to sort out this problem and get back those rich embeds for links. Meanwhile, using a bot, though not perfect, could be a temporary fix until they bring back the original feature. It's always a hassle when the functionalities of two platforms collide, and users are stuck in the middle.

  • Zoya

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