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  • Rosedust

    Now is a WONDERFUL time for me to offer this again. Remember that Revolt is also a great alternative!

  • Strive4Life

    It's appalling that they at the very least had the option to let their community choose between the old UI and new update, actively decided against it and forced this on us instead. There's no longer an option to search by specific channels for messages with the search function, text is obscured by Samsung keyboard when attempting to type in a voice channel's accompanying text chat via Mobile app, friends lists are now tucked away in an unnecessarily similar messages tab to other social media platforms, swipe controls were exchanged for intrusive PC-style “click and search” controls and overall different lists and menus take up the entire screen and cause poor performance for the software. 

    Now more than ever the community should reconsider their Nitro subscriptions and pay close attention to how these devs and moderators are handling this controversy, by blatantly choosing to ignore feedback and redirect the blame onto paying customers. The type of neglectful behavior that only massive multi-million conglomerates could get away with. 

    Let your voices be heard about the worst Discord update by far. 

  • Navy Orga

    I understand your frustration with the recent Discord update. It seems like the changes have significantly impacted your user experience, especially about the search function, text visibility with the Samsung keyboard, the location of the friend list, and the new swipe controls.

    Developers need to consider user feedback when implementing updates, especially for widely-used platforms like Discord. Your suggestion for the community to reconsider their Nitro subscriptions and closely monitor the developers’ response to the controversy is a valid course of action. jcpenney associate kiosk

    Remember, as a user, your feedback is valuable in shaping the future of the platform. So, continue to voice your concerns, and hopefully, the developers will take them into account in their future updates.

  • Tikepo

    Any time they make an interface update they should include an option for users to continue using the old one. It's not a question of how good or useful the new interface is. Some people don't like change. Most likely they will update 3-4 changes later when they can't use new features everyone else is using. 


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