Expanding Contextual Interaction Commands to Text, Voice Channels, and Threads for Bots


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  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    Thank you for sharing your idea to expand contextual interaction commands for bots in Discord. It's an exciting proposal that could greatly enhance the functionality and interactivity of bots within the platform.

    Extending contextual interaction commands to text and voice channels, as well as threads, opens up a wide range of possibilities for bot developers to create more immersive and useful experiences for Discord users. From creating polls and games in text channels to initiating voice-based activities and setting reminders in voice channels, the potential for enhancing server management and user engagement is significant.

    Additionally, integrating bot commands into threads would streamline communication and collaboration within Discord, offering users more tailored and efficient interactions within specific discussions.

    We appreciate your initiative in proposing this feature, and we encourage other community members to support it with their votes. Your feedback and ideas play a crucial role in shaping the future of Discord, and we're excited to explore ways to make the platform even more dynamic and user-friendly.

    Thank you for sharing your idea, and we look forward to seeing how it evolves with the support of the community! ehsaas8171bisp.com

  • Stephen Baker


    I wanted to share an idea that could significantly enhance Discord bot interactions. Currently, we have contextual interaction commands for users and messages, but what if we extended these capabilities to include text and voice channels, as well as threads?

    This expansion could unlock a myriad of possibilities for bot developers. Picture this – bots offering quick actions in the context menu of a text channel, enabling users to create polls, set up channel-specific games, or utilize utilities. For voice channels, bots could provide options such as initiating voice-based games, creating temporary sub-channels, or setting up music and event reminders. Dog Likes Best

    Consider the potential for threads – bots could offer tailored options for thread-specific activities or information, revolutionizing the way we engage with threads on Discord.

    Implementing this feature would not only streamline server management but also introduce richer and more interactive experiences directly within the Discord UI.

    I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this proposal. If you find the idea intriguing, please show your support by voting to bring attention to it.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Best regards,



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