Category and Channel Permission Idea


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  • Timo

    I just think it would safe a much time instead of clicking on every permission itself ^^

  • Ahamd hassan

    That's a fantastic idea! Having a master switch for enabling or disabling all permissions at once could significantly streamline the process, especially when you're dealing with numerous permissions across different categories or channels. It would provide a quicker way to manage specific permissions without individually toggling each one.

  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    Thank you for sharing your idea to improve category and channel permissions on Discord. Your suggestion to add an option at the top of the permissions settings to enable or disable all permissions at once would indeed streamline the process of managing permissions, especially for server creators and owners who frequently adjust permissions settings.

    By providing a convenient toggle to enable or disable all permissions with a single click, server administrators can quickly make broad changes to permissions settings without having to individually adjust each permission. This would save time and simplify the management of permissions for large servers with multiple categories and channels.

    We appreciate your feedback and will consider your suggestion for future enhancements to Discord's permissions system. Your input is valuable in helping us prioritize features that improve the user experience for our community.

    If you have any further ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them with us. We're committed to continually improving Discord for all users, and your contributions play a vital role in that process.

    Thank you again for your suggestion, and we look forward to implementing improvements based on feedback from users like you.

  • Zoya

    Branded notebooks adorned with the phrase "Category and Channel Permission Idea" sparked intrigue among users, hinting at a potential feature enhancement. The phrase suggested a solution to address concerns regarding category and channel access control within Discord servers. Speculation ensued about the implementation and implications of such a feature, igniting discussions among Discord communities. Users eagerly awaited further announcements from Discord developers, eager to see how this idea would be realized.


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