How long did it take for technical support to respond to you? Survey.


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  • custom

    Honestly, I only had one experience with discord support. I was hacked due to a “game test” scam. I reached out to them and thought they would like respond in a week or so like steam. Nope! Waited about a month and a half just to get my account back. Honestly I get it. They get like so many tickets each day. But I had to wait a month and a half, just to get a response. I had 2 other tickets, and both of them with handed off to someone, then put as resolved. I was just gonna lose it. But yes, my problem was resolved.

  • Kay

    Hacked. Took 2 months for them to return my account.

    Then on logging in, my account got flagged and disabled again. Probably because the hackers had joined malicious servers on my account. Now waiting again.

  • Setriy

    I was blocked, I wrote a request. After 10 days they asked me to confirm my age and unblocked me.


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