[Suggestion] Dbus api for the client


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  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    Thank you for your suggestion to add a D-Bus API to the Discord client. Providing developers with an API for actions such as muting/unmuting, activating/deactivating streamer mode, and accessing voice chat participants could indeed streamline integration with external tools like Streamdeck and improve user experience.

    By incorporating a D-Bus API, developers would have more direct access to Discord's functionalities, enabling them to create more seamless and efficient workflows without resorting to workarounds like simulating key presses or relying solely on the REST API.

    We recognize the value of simplifying the integration process for external tools and enhancing the flexibility of Discord's functionalities. Your suggestion aligns with our goal of empowering developers to build innovative solutions that enhance the Discord experience for all users.

    We will certainly consider your proposal as we continue to explore ways to improve Discord's developer ecosystem. Thank you for your contribution to the Discord community, and please feel free to share any additional feedback or ideas you may have. We appreciate your input and are committed to making Discord a more accessible and developer-friendly platform. ehsaas8171bisp.com


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