“we’re hard at work making discord better for you” lying fr


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  • rodm

    Agree with Menthe on the “and stop changing things that nobody’s asking for (the new layout sucks and is inconvenient btw). ” on the iPhone discord App.

    I haven’t forgotten  -  I (rodm) posted on Dec 9, 2023, 00:37 PST “I find I am continually swapping back and forth between the two screen displays, and it is hard to detect new posts.  The old system was way easier to use where everything was on one scrollable screen. Especially since the iPhone App system is different to discord on a PC so “muscle memory” for quick navigation is stuffed up.  Please either return to the old system, or give us users a choice.  Not just my opinion.”

    Still harder to use than the old “one list” version for servers and friends.

    *** I think for users that have many many servers and friends the new layout might be better.
    So a choice of layout - old versus new - might solve all our gripes.



  • TCoded

    Imo not everything new is necessarily bad. UNLESS it comes at the expense of other things that are much more critical. There are many long-time features that are broken or never added that would make real differences to users. I think it's a problem of loud minorities and discord having a hard time seeing through the noise to find what “most people” actually need. 

    Let's take an example: Discord themes for nitro users. Yes, people love them. However, that's really for the hardcore users. Most people want a stable, reliable, fast messaging system. The fancy icing on the cake is great but if the cake under it sucks, people will still complain.

    Some examples of broken features I have had to personally deal with that I think go a lot further than my bubble: 

    - Permissions in voice channels not actually doing what they say they do. (Video perms require connect and view perms lmao, why?)
    - Impossible to load the discord mobile app without a minimum of 4G connection speeds. Discord, it's a mobile app! Images and “every other server you are no currently looking at” comes after everything else! Load the app first D:
    - If you have an old server. You can't change any settings on it until you find the one new required field you haven't filled in… And you won't tell me where to find it (it may not be on the same page at all :DD )
    - You can “star” friends on mobile but desktop is having middle child issues and not getting the same treatment xD
    - Ignoring a message request basically blocks that user forever!? No, no, no we have a block button for that
    - I can turn off DMs for a server but I can't turn off friend requests from a server?
    - I can't schedule a message to someone for when they are awake, later.
    - Almost everyone on discord knows someone from “that other timezone”. Other than making me really efficient at doing timezone calculations, this gets really annoying lol. Please allow people to show their local timezones in the bio, right under their pronouns. Example: `Timezone: CET - 4:09 PM`
    - How are private forums not a thing yet? Basically every community server I know of needs to invite a bot (or make their own) to manage channels in order to act like tickets. Solution? Forums, except only the person making the thread/post gets to see it unless you are a mod with the ability to “view all”.
    - In app notifications on desktop? please? Where did that “boo-dup!” sound come from?

    These are basic QOL things that MANY people can benefit from and cost a fraction of a penny compared to adding fancy discord themes and hundreds of animations to emojis 

  • James Spengal

    Discord's performance has been disappointing lately, with persistent lagging and glitching issues (such as images not loading, showing that frustrating poop icon, server and profile icons not appearing, and videos continuing to play after exiting the channel). Each update seems to worsen the app instead of improving it. Unwanted changes, like the new layout, are frequent, yet the bugs rarely get fixed. The introduction of midnight mode is the only commendable action taken recently. To maintain a successful app, it's crucial to heed the feedback from reviews, both on platforms like the App Store and other channels. The claim 'we've been hard at work making Discord better for you' needs to be more than just words; it requires actual effort and attention to user criticisms. Mayott Media suggests that Discord should focus on genuinely enhancing the app by listening to its user base, rather than implementing unnecessary changes (the new layout is notably inconvenient and unpopular).

    TLDR; Discord needs to start valuing user reviews and genuinely strive to improve the app, steering clear of unnecessary changes like the unpopular new layout. 

  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    I understand your frustration, and I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling this way. Transparency and honesty are essential values for us at Discord, and we always aim to provide accurate and reliable information to our community.

    If you have specific concerns or feedback about Discord's improvements or any issues you're encountering, please feel free to share them. Your feedback helps us understand the community's needs better and guides our efforts to improve the Discord experience for everyone.

    We're here to listen and address any concerns you may have, so please don't hesitate to reach out. Your satisfaction and trust are important to us, and we're committed to continually enhancing Discord for our users. ehsaas8171bisp.com

  • hmza

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this level of frustration. At Discord, honesty and transparency are fundamental principles, and we constantly strive to give our community accurate and trustworthy information. 


  • Zoya

    Branded hoodies displayed the slogan, "we’re hard at work making Discord better for you," a phrase echoing the promise of continuous improvement. However, skepticism arose as users questioned the platform's commitment, accusing it of deceit. The discrepancy between the message and users' experiences cast doubt on Discord's integrity. Despite the assurance, doubts lingered, highlighting the importance of transparency and authenticity in maintaining user trust and satisfaction.






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