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  • ogrencigundemi

    It would be useful to have a feature like “webhooks” but which sent messages to a user rather than to a server channel. Most users don't have their own servers. I'm thinking of this as a method to be notified of moves in a turn based game, instead of, or in addition to, email.


  • Ehsaas 8171 bisp

    Certainly! Introducing a Personal Messages API akin to webhooks for user-to-user communication within Discord could be a valuable addition, particularly for scenarios like turn-based games where users need timely notifications without relying on email. Here's a breakdown of the potential implementation and benefits:

    1. Purpose:
      - The Personal Messages API would facilitate direct communication between users, enabling notifications and updates specific to individual interactions, such as in-game moves, reminders, or other personalized messages.

    2. Token-Based Authentication:
      - Similar to webhooks, the API could utilize token-based authentication to ensure secure communication between users. Each user would have a unique token associated with their account, which they can generate and manage as needed.

    3. Notification Customization:
      - Users would have the flexibility to customize the types of notifications they wish to receive via the API. This could include options to enable/disable specific types of messages, set notification preferences, or even filter messages based on content or sender.

    4. Revocable Tokens for Privacy:
      - To maintain privacy and control over notifications, users would have the ability to revoke or regenerate their API tokens at any time. If a user no longer wishes to receive notifications from a particular source or wants to cease communication altogether, they can simply delete the corresponding token.

    5. Integration with Turn-Based Games:
      - One of the primary use cases for the Personal Messages API would be integration with turn-based games. Players could receive real-time notifications about game updates, opponent moves, or other relevant events directly within their Discord DMs, enhancing the gaming experience and facilitating smoother gameplay.

    6. Accessible for All Users:
      - Since not all Discord users have their own servers, providing a feature like the Personal Messages API ensures that everyone can benefit from enhanced communication and notification capabilities without the need for server ownership.

    7. Enhanced User Experience:
      - By offering a more streamlined and personalized communication channel, the Personal Messages API contributes to a better overall user experience on Discord. Users can stay informed, engaged, and connected with others in a manner that suits their preferences and needs.

    Overall, implementing a Personal Messages API in Discord would enrich the platform's functionality and cater to diverse user needs, particularly in the realm of gaming and other collaborative activities.


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