Discord Support taking ages to remedy hijacked account


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  • Solid Snake

    About that.. someone made a documentry about this kind of  support.. You're really not gonna get anything out of them


  • Darth Baum

    Yeah that is what I was afraid of. I checked out the video and while the scam was different I saw a very uncanny resemblance to our situations. The one thing I still find bonkers is how easily they bypassed 2FA that I had setup. I thought I was totally secured with that in-place but evidently it was not implemented correctly on Discord's platform somehow.

    I am going to probably start pushing for a refund alongside reaching out to some financial institutions on social media about the lack of financial security and fraud support. Fairly confident it won't amount to much but I got no better options apparently

  • Silver Nova

    Discord is unreliable with this kind of thing…….. If I had the money I would sue discord


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