Yet another random major UI change


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  • Kenji

    It’s awful, I hate it. I want this one back.⬇️

  • Dunc Graham

    The point about the sudden major changes rolled out without warning is an important one that I left out of my own thread. It is absolutely unacceptable that I was given no opportunity to raise my concerns with this change before it was implemented, and instead have needed to scramble to fight and argue in support of the old behavior in a desperate attempt to have it restored. The previous major change of the UI overhaul was at least warned about well in advance!

  • Creed

    I am so very frustrated by the lack of communication! It was difficult to get used to the formatting at first, but over time I have come to appreciate it.. even more so now that we’ve returned to the “old” format. Discord should give mobile users the autonomy to customize the bottom bar to optimize experience. The profile icons for private messages clutter the side bar making it difficult to navigate between servers. Not to mention it’s very hard to see once you do open the message section. 


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