Removal of messages tab on mobile


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  • Buni

    Yes, and scrolling through to find active VCs is almost impossible on the mobile app. It seems to prefer going to the opened message rather than scrolling…

  • DawnOfJojo

    This feedback perfectly sums up my discord mobile experience.
    When I'm on Desktop I use servers. When on Mobile I exclusively use it as a Direct Messaging Service like signal/whatsapp/messenger. 
    The UI Change to remove the separate Chat Tab makes the mobile app a nuisance at best and useless at its worst.
    The bottom bar now takes up space with stuff I personally do not use/need on mobile and the one feature I used frequently is now hidden between icons of maybe hundreds of servers I am in.

    The TabsV2 UI might not have had all features people liked/used but this is also not it.

  • skyelight

    It’s mindboghling that they still haven’t reverted this change and given us a DM tab again. It’s made me use discord so much less


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