Add a theme like the old one that's not as hard on the eyes


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  • vincent9874

    hello! scrap 

    Feedback and Community Posts: Many users have expressed concerns about Discord’s new dark theme being harsh on the eyes. White text on the blue-shifted gray background can cause discomfort. Share your feedback on platforms like Reddit and the Discord community forum.

    Adjust Settings: Lower contrast in accessibility settings, resize the Discord window, or try the “Automatic” theme.

    Advocate for Change: Continue sharing feedback with Discord. Advocacy from the community can lead to positive adjustments.


    I hope this helps you.

    the Disney HUB on the go


  • ema;i

    I'd like to add a softer, more eye-friendly theme, similar to the old one. Just like a well-chosen nail polish color enhances a manicure's appeal, a gentle theme can improve the overall user experience.


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