Help I believe my account has been compromised


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  • omni

    Now I wouldn't worry just yet. If someone compromised you they would probably try as hard as they can to get you out of the account. If you still think someone is in your account, go to Settings > Devices. This will show you all the devices connected to your account. However, the more likely scenario considering you already have changed your password, you probably have an application with permissions to join servers for you. When you go to Settings > Authorized Apps, you will probably want to clear everything from it. You should frequently clear this as to be safe and not have this happen, and make sure you only authorize apps that you trust. If you want a deeper explanation you can watch the YouTube video by NoTextToSpeech, it is called something like “You can't leave this Discord server.” Anyways good luck on solving your problem and I hope this helps!

  • Mil Mi-24P Hind-F

    Holy shi thank you so insanly much. No really, unironically God bless your soul bro, I had like 3-4 apps that could join servers for me (why would that even be a thing?????) and deleted them all. Thank you so, so much

  • martin lington

    Mil Mi-24P Hind. Have you tried reaching out to Lesco Bills or Discord Support directly? They might be able to assist you with this issue.


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